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Genostar provides complete data analysis services, software and databases for microbial research. Our solutions enable researchers to characterize their microbial organisms quickly and efficiently.  Find relevant genes, annotate genomes and proteomes, and carry out comparative metabolic mapping all in one powerful software and database platform that is compatible with all major operating systems and data formats. Genostar’s database solutions make it easy for organizations and research teams to centralize, save and manage results.


From sequence and expression data to pathways, Genostar connects state of the art methods for data analysis, visualization, modeling and management with one primary goal: helping researchers generate maximum value from their data. Read more 




Powerful solutions for exploration of biological sequence databanks


Genostar has integrated Korilog’s KoriBlast 3.0 software into Metabolic Pathway Builder. KoriBlast 3.0 is graphical software for large-scale exploration of biological sequence databanks. With new metagenomics power, a powerful new databank manager and enhanced search features, KoriBlast 3.0 and Genostar’s Metabolic Pathway Builder make large-scale sequence studies of genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic and pathway data accessible to life science researchers. Read more.




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Viral genomes and proteomes analysis





Annotation, Comparative Genomics, Metabolic Analysis:

Metabolic Pathway Builder






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