Genostar EASy

  High-quality high-hrougput genome annotation

picto01High-throughput transfer of annotations to new genomes

picto01Predicts enzymatic activities, Pfam domains, rRNA, tRNA…

picto01Tailored workflow based on expert rules, with quality assessment

picto01Product GenBank/EMBL files, MicroB exports and reporting files

Genostar EASy is the ultimate solution if you wish to annotate large numbers of genomes. From the output of any sequencer, Genostar EASy assemble the reads into contigs, scaffold them on a reference organism, and transfer the annotation from a set of automatically gathered reference orgaisms. That way, you do not have to care anymore about the filtering, assembly, scaffolding and annotation of your NGS outputs, you get directly a high-quality GenBank file. And if you have a Genostar bioinformatics ecosystem, the newly annotated sequences will be available in all our other software through the MicroB database integration.