Genostar Suite – Expert annotation and comparative anaysis

picto01Expert annotation of contigs, CDS, genes or proteins sequences


Comparative analysis at all levels, from genes to metabolic pathways 


Over 100 state-of-the-art tasks with customizable parameters, with a single click 


A full range of interconnected and interactive viewers, for all kind of purposes

picto03Import and export of all standards files (e.g. fasta, GenBank), graphics export

picto03Data management and backup

Genostar Suite is a software and data platform that enables fast and accurate annotation of multiple organisms and strains, and their comparative analysis. It makes use of the MicroB  database, which contains biochemical, genomic, proteic and metabolic information of reference organisms and your own. Benefit from a broad array of methods for comparing the genomes of several organisms, make it easy to calculate and display conserved synteny groups, boost your productivity and master all bioinformatics disciplines! We aim at offering a wide range of analysis and visualization methods to predict and explore the relations between genomic, proteic and metabolic data, so our R&D department works continuously to expand the range of available methods.