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Genostar is a bioinformatics company specializing in solutions for biological data analysis from genome to metabolome. Our software, data and services facilitate a knowledge-based approach to prediction and understanding of cellular processes.


Genostar’s experienced and multi-disciplinary team focuses on innovation in software development and biological data integration, analysis and management techniques to address the evolving needs of the dynamic life sciences market and to ensure that we always offer you the most advanced and user-friendly bioinformatics tools for your research. We are committed to excellent customer service.


Our solutions for annotation and comparative analysis of multiple organisms contribute to life sciences research in many fields: Today, world leaders in vaccine discovery & development, nutrition & health, diagnostics, infectious disease research, animal health, public research and more use Genostar’s products and services.



Genostar’s R&D, technical support, and sales & marketing are based near Grenoble, France, in the heart of the French Alps.  The Grenoble area is one of the top 2 research centers in France, with over 21,000 researchers in 200+ laboratories. Company headquarters are in Paris.






Genostar began in 1999 as a 5-year research consortium between


  • The Pasteur Institute in Paris
  • The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA)
  • Biotechnology companies Hybrigenics and Genome Express 


More than 20 experienced bioinformaticians, biologists, physicists and software developers worked together to develop the initial platform.


Genostar became an independent, privately held company in 2004, initially with scientists and engineers from the research consortium. We have grown significantly since and continue to offer new solutions that help life science researchers interpret, explore and generate maximum knowledge from their sequence and expression data. Our goal is to provide the best bioinformatics tools on the market to make your day-to-day research easier, faster and more effective.


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