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Genostar's bioinformatics data analysis platform enables researchers to explore, interpret, compare and analyze life sciences data at the genomic, proteic and metabolic levels. Our goal is to help researchers find relevant links in the complex network of genomes, proteomes and pathways involved in cellular processes.


Next Generation Sequencing and high throughput expression analysis are rapidly growing areas. Genostar's software and data are designed to analyze and manage a wide range of experimental data, from NGS-generated sequences to gene expression results. In addition to facilitating extensive comparative analyses, our MicroB database also makes it possible for researchers and organizations to save and centralize their analyzed genomes.

Here’s an overview of what we offer.  Click on the titles to learn more.

Metabolic Pathway Builder


  Metabolic Pathway Builder MicroB KoriBlast Expression Data Solution DataExplorer Development Kit Browsers GenoBrowser PathwayBrowser GenoAnnot-ProteoAnnot PathwayExplorer Image Map


KDB Explorer


KDB Explorer & KEGG Mirror Expression Data Solution Development Kit Browsers GenoBrowser PathwayBrowser Image Map

Genetic Network Analyzer


  Genetic Network Analyzer Image Map   Genetic Network Analyzer Image Map

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