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Make your large-scale sequence studies faster and more powerful with KoriBlast. Genostar integrates Korilog’s KoriBlast software with our Metabolic Pathway Builder platform to provide researchers with a streamlined solution for large-scale sequence studies bringing into play genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic and pathway data.  



Koriblast is a powerful and user-friendly graphical software designed for large scale exploration of biological sequence databanks and related information (functional, taxonomy, pathways, mutations, etc). KoriBlast can be used for a wide range of applications in genomics and proteomics, such as full genome & proteome comparisons, microarray reannotation, taxonomy & phylogenetic analyses, and functional & structural studies of proteins.



  • Take advantage of a unified access to remote and local sequence and data repositories
  • Automate installation of public databanks with the Databank Manager
  • Manage large sequence files and results with KoriBlast’s data management engine
  • Create taxonomic databank subsets from public/personal databanks
  • Interactively explore very large sets of fully annotated hits (Taxonomy, GO, Enzyme, etc.)
  • Directly explore and compare the metabolic pathways in which in your EC-annotated Blast hits are implicated
  • Design powerful search strategies combining batch sequence comparisons, data retrieval and data filtering with one, straightforward interface
  • Take advantage of comprehensive viewers to analyze search results, sequence alignments, distance trees, features data, taxonomy data, genomic context and 3D structures




Easy access to main modules 


Organize your project  


Tree view of distance relationships




Analyze results - Hits table


Global overview of biological diversity


Taxonomy browser

Manage public & personal databanks

3D Viewer with NCBI browser




KoriBlast is available as a standalone application,  and as a plugin for Metabolic Pathway Builder, GenoAnnot and PathwayExplorer.



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