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Genostar, in collaboration with the world leading companies Sanofi Pasteur and Merial, is developing a bioinformatics suite dedicated to analysis of viral genomes and proteomes.


The functionalities of Genostar's viral solution are intended to help researchers better analyze and understand the structure, function and evolution of viral genomes: extensive and efficient searches for relevant sequences through powerful Blast queries such as provided by KoriBlast, storage and management of viral sequences and their annotations, computation and edition of large multiple alignments, appropriate coding of selected proteic regions, clustering analysis of the resulting multidimensional data for characterizing these regions.


The methodology supported by Genostar's viral solution allows for the identification of protein "hot spots" and responds to the needs of vaccine research.





Blast viral sequences


Retrieving viral sequences with KoriBlast

Analysis of Blast alignment

Visualizing and analyzing KoriBlast results

Global analysis of Blast results

Global analysis of Blast results


Viral protein viewer


Viral protein sequence viewer


Alignment and phylogeny of viral proteins


Alignment and phylogeny of viral proteic sequences


Data analysis of alignement

Multidimensional data analysis of proteic alignment




The project is co-financed by the European Union and Oséo.





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