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Solutions for biological data analysis from genome to metabolome


With NGS technologies, new organisms and multiple strains of known organisms are being sequenced and studied in many fields of life sciences research. 


Quickly analyzing your sequence and expression data and extracting the most relevant information requires comparative, analytical approaches at the genomic, proteic and metabolic levels. Data integration and the right software for data analysis are key to the success of this process.


Genostar offers life scientists many solutions for biological data analyses from a powerful bioinformatics software and data platform to data analysis services, on-site training and a range of courses and workshops.



Software and data

 Ultra-powerful             Easy to use            Customizable

From sequence and expression data to pathways, an integrated, modular bioinformatics platform for data analysis

Metabolic Pathway Builder with MicroB

Genostar’s Metabolic Pathway Builder is a software and data platform for fast, accurate annotation & comparative genomic and metabolic analysis of multiple organisms. Metabolic Pathway Builder software enables you to generate a maximum of knowledge from your data: conduct complete analyses from sequences to the metabolic reactions and pathways involved, both comparatively (between multiple organisms) and differentially (using gene expression data).   

Visualize & compare metabolic pathways between multiple organisms

          Visualize expression data on       metabolic & genomic maps


Metabolic Pathway Builder MicroB KoriBlast Expression Data Solution DataExplorer Development Kit Browsers GenoBrowser PathwayBrowser GenoAnnot-ProteoAnnot PathwayExplorer Image Map

We’ve integrated state of the art public and proprietary algorithms and methods with powerful, interactive visualizers and publication-quality data sharing tools, leaving you free to concentrate on the biology.



Metabolic Pathway Builder leverages Genostar’s MicroB database.

MicroB is the largest integrated database of complete microbial genomes on the market today.


More than a reference database, MicroB enables you to build and centralize your knowledge base: you can add your newly analyzed genomes with just a few clicks, connecting them to all the data in your MicroB and saving them for future reference and analysis. 


Genostar’s products are extendable – the underlying technology facilitates addition of new methods and types of data. Stay on top of rapidly evolving technologies and data analysis methods with our regular product updates.  Integrate your own methods and algorithms and create customized pipelines with our Development Kit.


Product Sheet Metabolic Pathway Builder Features.pdf

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Genostar offers a wide range of data analysis services. Our in-house bioinformatics team can analyze your data and return your results in ready to explore, use and share format.


Workshops and Classes

We conduct workshops and classes on new approaches for data analysis and the practical application of bioinformatics techniques. All workshops include both theory and hands-on practice on Genostar’s bioinformatics tools.


In-house training

 Our bioinformaticians and engineers are happy to provide you in-house training on our complete software and data platform, including new tools and applications.  We can customize the program to focus on specific types of data or analyses depending on your needs. Whether you are a biologist, a bioinformatician, or part of an IT team responsible for applications at your company or university, we can provide a well-adapted, hands-on course.


We can also bring our workshops and classes program to you: If the times or locations for our upcoming workshops don’t fit with your schedule, or if you missed a previous workshop, we can conduct it on-site or by WebEx.


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